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May 26th, 2020: I am hoping that everyone is doing well through the Covid-19 pandemic. I have been isolating but still busy with my shell activities. My monthly auctions are receiving a lot of great participation, with many happy bidders and winners. I will be getting back to updating the catalog soon, stay tuned! I always select only those specimens that can be proudly displayed in any collection!

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Featured Cowries
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Mauritia arabica arabica Cypraeovula coronata coronata Zoila edingeri f. satiata Zoila friendii vercoi
  • arabica arabica
  • New Caledonia
  • 52.9 mm, Gem-
  • coronata coronata
  • S. Africa
  • 27.3 mm, F+/Gem
  • edingeri f. satiata
  • Australia
  • 52.1 mm, F++
  • friendii vercoi
  • Australia
  • 80.1 mm, F++
Zoila jeaniana jeaniana Cribrarula pellisserpentis Luria pulchra sinaiensis Notocypraea subcarnea
  • jeaniana jeaniana
  • Australia
  • 71.2 mm, Gem-
  • pellisserpentis
  • Madagascar
  • 15.6 mm, Gem
  • pulchra sinaiensis
  • Egypt
  • 58.0 mm, Gem-
  • subcarnea
  • Tasmania
  • 31.5 mm, F+/Gem
  • Rare