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February 4th, 2021: The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect everyone's life. Fortunately, I have now had both vaccine shots, but continue to mask up and socially distance. My monthly auctions have become popular and I thank all of the collectors that participate! In March, you will start to see updates to my online catalog -- finally! There is plenty of material to list, please check back often. As always, I try my best to select only those specimens that can be proudly displayed in any collection!

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Featured Cowries
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Cypraeovula coronata coronata Zoila friendii vercoi Pustularia globulus globulus Cribrarula pellisserpentis
  • coronata coronata
  • S. Africa
  • 27.3 mm, F+/Gem
  • friendii vercoi
  • Australia
  • 80.1 mm, F++
  • globulus globulus
  • Thailand
  • 18.4 mm, Gem
  • pellisserpentis
  • Madagascar
  • 15.6 mm, Gem