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Cribrarula Strand 1929
(Gastropoda: Cypraeidae)

Cowries are one of the most widely studied and collected members of the marine gastropods. And among the cowries, one of the most popular groups with researchers and collectors are the species in the genus Cribrarula Strand 1929. With a fairly wide distribution ranging from the Western Indian Ocean to the far Eastern Pacific there are many recognized species and subspecies. We have assembled an exciting array of specimens in a gallery for your viewing. The map below represents the various localities represented in the collections.

Map showing locations of Cribrarula specimens
A: Indian Ocean, B: Indo-Pacific, C: W-SW Australia, D: Melanesia, E: E-W Pacific

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Photo of species in the Cribrarula genus

A great selection of some of the species in the Cribrarula genus.
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